Bio Menace patches + problem

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Bio Menace patches + problem

Post by szemi » Sun Oct 26, 2014 17:40

Okay, I'm working on a Bio Menace 1 mod (using FREEWARE version!), but I can't find any .tli file patches.

Moreover I have the B800 patch as well + BIOSCR.BIN file.
#Bio B800 screen:
%patchfile $27940 BIOSCR.BIN
But when I use it, I receive this problem:


Then the game crashes at the main menu immediately, where there are no menu point texts (like NEW GAME, LOAD GAME, etc.). Odd, very odd.

According to Levellass I need the "right" dump file for this, which I don't have unfortunately. And don't even know how to create it or where this file should be.

And not least I tried to edit BIOSCR.BIN file with TheDraw and this happened:


So, somebody help me please as I didn't start this BM1 mod today.
Yeah, piece of cake!

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